Why Use A Note Reading App?


Learning to read music is often the biggest hurdle for young musicians. In-class time is limited, and band books can’t provide immediate feedback. Without that feedback students will struggle with note names. Band Note Learner addresses this in three ways.

1. Immediate Feedback.

Notes will start on the right side of the screen and scroll to the left. The faster the student taps the correct note the more points they get.

2. Sequential

There are 9 levels to choose from for each instrument. Level one contains only the first three notes commonly learned for each instrument. Level two contains the next two and moves slightly faster. This continues until level nine, which contains every note from the typical first year band book.

3. Score Reporting

When viewing the high score list, tap on the score you’d like to send. An email box, populated with an image of the student’s level and score, appears. No need to log in. Send to the whomever you choose.


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